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Patrick Lilly is an up-and-coming country music artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. His love for music began at a young age, igniting a fire in him to write songs and perform live.


Lilly has a modern country sound, with old school influences. His artistic abilities range from an outlaw, modern sound as featured on his debut single, "Dead Man", to strong ballad vocals as heard on his song, "Miles Away", to pop-country as heard on his song "I Wanna Lose My Hands".

After months of planning, writing, and pre-production, Patrick began recording his first EP, "Play What You Wanna Play" in 2019. His highly anticipated single and music video debut, "Dead Man" premiered October 31, 2019. Dead Man was followed by, "One And Done Love", another original and successful single. Lilly quickly jumped back into the writing and recording process to create his debut album, "Stompin' Grounds". In July of 2021, it released world-wide. Singles and music videos have been released from the album, including, How I Was Raised and I Wanna Lose My Hands. All music and videos can be found on your favorite streaming platforms.

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